I’m continuously in awe and inspired by the women featured in the REAL Women blog. Each has a very personal story to share, providing a unique insight into the events that lead them to start their own business. One such story is that of Teresa Hulst. Teresa is the founder of Acupressure Massage Therapy – alternative treatments with a holistic approach. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with her husband and son.Teresa


Tell us about why you decided to start your own business?  I suffered from pain for the better part of 10 years due to a car accident that left me with a severe whiplash.  I decided to study Acupressure in order to heal myself.  Now I work helping others.  I could not find the service I was looking for, someone I could talk to, who could heal with energy and give me a good hearty massage.  This has now become my specialty, a Body, Mind & Spirit treatment called “The Full Energy Session”

What do you consider your greatest challenge so far?  Learning how to Let Go.

Who or what has been a major source of inspiration? My mother has been a great mentor and my husband an incomparable advisor.  Now my three year old inspires me with JOY every day. 

Mostly though, I would have to say my Angels and Guides.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other female entrepreneurs starting their own business venture?  Visualize exactly what you want.  Feel what it is like to have that goal accomplished well into the future.  Use the present tense when speaking about this accomplishment.  This will bring forth the manifestation.  Dream big and don’t give up!   

*I will be teaching these techniques in my upcoming “The Secret Workshop:A Workshop for Manifesting your Dreams”on 30 June and continuing throughout the year.